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Li Metal Deposition and Stripping in A Solid-state Battery via Coble Creep

报 告 嘉 宾:陈育明 教授(福建师范大学



主 办 单 位:mg4355vip平台入口

报 告 摘 要:Solid-state lithium metal batteries require accommodation of electrochemically generated mechanical stress inside the lithium: this stress can be up to 1 gigapascal for an overpotential of 135 millivolts. Maintaining the mechanical and electrochemical stability of the solid structure despite physical contact with moving corrosive lithium metal is a demanding requirement. Most previous studies concentrate on improving the solid electrolyte to solve these problems. In this talk, we will introduce a promising new strategy for creep-enabled 3D lithium metal battery, which focuses on the anode side by using 3D porous architectures made of electrochemically stable Mixed Li-ion and Electronic Conductor (MIEC) as Li metal hosts. First, we will describe how to use in situ TEM technique to study the deposition and stripping of metallic lithium or sodium held within a large number of parallel hollow tubules made of a MIEC. Next, in situ TEM characterizations and the theoretical analyses will be shown to demonstrate the Coble creep mechanism for the Li metal deposition and stripping in MIEC tubules. Finally, the performance of the full cell based on the 3D MIEC design will be also present.

报告人简介:陈育明博士于2014年在香港理工大学获得博士学位(导师:Yiu-Wing Mai教授,中国工程院外籍院士和Limin Zhou教授),博士期间进入德克萨斯州大学奥斯汀分校John B Goodenough教授课题组访学,博士毕业后先后在香港理工大学、南洋理工大学、麻省理工学院等从事博士后研究,研究方向为电化学储能材料及其理论研究,至今发表国际学术论文50篇。以第一作者或通讯作者身份发表论文30篇,包括Nature, Science Advances, JACS, ACIEEES,相关工作被ScienceMIT News等专题评述。研究成果获得国际同行的广泛关注和高度肯定,应邀担任AM, ACIE, Nat. Commun., Chem等近50种国际期刊审稿人或仲裁审稿人,并多次受邀在IEEENano S&T等国际会议上担任分会主席或墙报主席并作相关学术报告。